First Visit

FAQs about First Visit

Q: What information do I need to bring to the first visit?
A: You will be asked to complete a medical and personal history for your child. Please bring with you any relevant information, such as, your Pediatrician’s phone number, and a list of any current medications that your child is taking. If you have been referred to us by another Dr., please make sure that all x-rays, diagnoses, and treatment information has been received by us. Payment is expected at the time visit, however, in the event that full payment is not possible, we will be happy to make payment arrangements with you. As a courtesy to you, if you have insurance, please bring with you all current information and we will be happy to file your claim.

Q: How do I prepare my children for their first visit?
A: Make the appointment day as easy as possible and try to see that your children are well-rested.
Tell young children about the dental visit the day of the appointment rather than before.
Convey the feeling that dental visits are normal and a part of growing up (promising a reward for going to the dentist can imply that there is something to fear).
Of course, always avoid the threat of a dental visit as punishment for bad behavior.
We use special terms such as, sleepy juice (shots), tooth counter (explorer), Mr. slurpee (suction), etc., when describing procedures and instruments. Please refrain from telling your child that we give shots or that we will drill their teeth.
Be very proud of your children for a successful visit!

Q: What can we expect during our first visit?
A: At the first visit you will be asked to complete a medical and personal history for your children. We will then aquaint your children with our dental office. Whether this is their very first visit to a dentist or their first visit to our office, it is important that they feel comfortable and begin developing a rapport with our Doctor and staff. Our first visit is designed to gain your childrens confidence and trust. We understand that each child is unique and we will provide yours with individualized attention.

If during the examination, we discover that your child has no cavities, and they are sufficiently cooperative, we will clean, polish, and apply fluoride to their teeth. Determination as to when radiographs are indicated will be made on an individual basis. If cavities are detected, a treatment plan will be prioritized, and the cleaning and fluoride treatment will be postponed until the last visit.

Q: Can I accompany my children to the treatment area?
A: We ask that you consider allowing your children to accompany our staff to the exam area while you remain in the waiting room. We have found that most children react more positively when permitted to experience the dental visit on their own, in an environment designed for children. Separation anxiety is not uncommon in children, so please try not to be concerned if your children exhibit an initial negative behavior. This is normal and helping children overcome anxiety is an important part of our specialty. At the completion of this initial visit, your childrens oral health, any neccesary treatment needed, as well as costs and payment arrangements will be discussed with you. Please feel free to ask any questions during this time.

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