What People Are Saying

  • Dear Dr. College & Staff, I cannot thank you enough for the service you provided to my son Roman. The condition of his teeth was made known to me in December,

    and because I work 80+ hours a week, I was losing Medicaid coverage for us both. His dental work had to be completed by 12/31/12. He was referred to Children’s Hospital and it became clear right away that they would be unable to accommodate his urgent need in time.

    By some miracle I found you on the internet and you immediately took care of him, with an unsurpassed professionalism from the entire staff.

    You made THE difference in the life of this little boy and I will be forever grateful. He was even happy to return for his cleaning after having received 4 crowns and multiple fillings.



  • Hi, Ladies… Just wanted to let you know that Travis was back to his “normal” self a few hours after he left your office,

    none the worse for wear. He got a water-balloon machine for his good behavior and told us that you are “all very nice”,

    despite an emotional morning. We are looking forward to seeing you back in a few weeks for a “fun” easy visit.

    Thanks again for your compassionate care!!


  • Thanks for a positive and really pleasant experience for Travis this morning…

    We are looking forward to working with you guys to get T-Man’s dental drama under control…


  • Dear Dr. College, Thank you so very much for your sponsorship of the 2012 Evening in Evergreen.

    Through your support we raised over $50,000 to provide girls in Guatemala and academic scholarship and the support

    they need to stay in school. Your support changes lives! Looking forward to next year- Mil gracias (a thousand thanks)!

    The Starfish Team

  • Dr. College, Thank you for everything you did last Friday. You are a saint!!!

    Shawn, Amiee and Caylin

  • I can’t wait to see Dr. College. You know why? Because Dr. College has that crazy look in her eye — (gasp!) —

    because she loves horses so much!

    Emily, age 8