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what our families say about us:

Dr. College was recently complimented on Parent to Parent of Colorado. P2P is an organization which, among other undertakings, offers a directory where over 1600 parents of children with disabilities communicate daily by asking questions, sharing resources and providing support to one another. Please take a moment to check out the resources offered on this site: www.p2p-co.org
May 2013
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Dear Dr. College & Staff,
I cannot thank you enough for the service you provided to my son Roman. The condition of his teeth was made known to me in December, and because I work 80+ hours a week, I was losing Medicaid coverage for us both. His dental work had to be completed by 12/31/12. He was referred to Children’s Hospital and it became clear right away that they would be unable to accommodate his urgent need in time. By some miracle I found you on the internet and you immediately took care of him, with an unsurpassed professionalism from the entire staff. You made THE difference in the life of this little boy and I will be forever grateful. He was even happy to return for his cleaning after having received 4 crowns and multiple fillings. GREAT WORK!!
Ronda, May 2013

Hi, Ladies… Just wanted to let you know that Travis was back to his “normal” self a few hours after he left your office, none the worse for wear. He got a water-balloon machine for his good behavior and told us that you are “all very nice”, despite an emotional morning. We are looking forward to seeing you back in a few weeks for a “fun” easy visit. Thanks again for your compassionate care!! 🙂
Dawn, April 2013

Thanks for a positive and really pleasant experience for Travis this morning… We are looking forward to working with you guys to get T-Man’s dental drama under control…
Dawn, March 2013

Dear Dr. College,
Thank you so very much for your sponsorship of the 2012 Evening in Evergreen. Through your support we raised over $50,000 to provide girls in Guatemala and academic scholarship and the support they need to stay in school. Your support changes lives! Looking forward to next year- Mil gracias (a thousand thanks)!
-The Starfish Team, Sept. 2012.

Dr. College,
Thank you for everything you did last Friday. You are a saint!!!
-Shawn, Amiee and Caylin, June 2012

I can’t wait to see Dr. College. You know why? Because Dr. College has that crazy look in her eye — (gasp!) — because she loves horses so much!
– Emily, age 8, January 2012 (and fellow horse lover)

Dr. College, I just wanted to share with you that both Zander and Jack…for no reason at all…asked to go to the dentist yesterday.

Yesterday morning was a fairly nice morning to take them out so I asked them what they would like to do and Jack said ‘go to dentist’ and Zander said…’JYA’… which is his way of getting excited to do something ! They…at 2.5 years old…still remember the experience in such a positive light… I must THANK YOU again !

Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy holiday season with much success and happiness throughout the New Year. I’m sure we will see you in 2012 !
– Gina, December 2011
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Dear Courtney and all of the wonderful staff at Kids to College,
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our daughter and our family! We so appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. See you soon (but hopefully not too soon)!
Best Wishes,
– Anne, October 2010

Dear Courtney College & Staff,

We just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for our family, especially Jake. You and your entire staff were so professional & caring- we were blown away.

– Chrissy

Dear Dr. College and your wonderful staff,
Thank you so much for making our visits to the dentist so much fun! We will miss you!
-The Miller Family

Phoebe having a "gas" at the dentist!

Phoebe having a “gas” at the dentist!

Dear Dr. College,
Thank you fo much for letting us visit your office! It was really special that you closed your office so we got a private tour. We learned a lot and we love our green mirrors!!
Molly, Ashley, Alysan, Ella, Emma,Sammy, Robin, Reagan, Missy, Rachel, Lillian, Abby (Troop 2264) –February 2013


Dear Dr. College,

On behalf of the First Grade Class at Cherry Hills Christian School and the Classroom Mission parents, thank you for your generous donation to the First Grade Class Mission Project. The toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash you donated were included in “Blessing Bags” that were assembled by the First Graders at Cherry Hills and given to the children at the Tennyson Center for Children and Colorado Christian Home. The Tennyson Center serves emotionally and crisis-affected children, particularly those suffering from abuse and neglect. Through this Project, our First Graders learned the joy of serving others. Meanwhile, the children at the Tennyson Center received basic necessities, such as clothing, snacks and toiletry items, along with fun games and activities, including homemade hacky sacks, pencils, crayons and coloring books.

Again, please accept our most sincere appreciation for your kindness and generosity.
Amy- First Grade Class Mission Parent on behalf of: The First Grade Class and Mission Parents Kristin, Barb, Jackie, Joany and Teri, March 2013

Salmat (means thank you in the Philippines)

Salmat (means thank you in the Philippines)

Mending Faces Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and the families we serve truly thank you for making a difference for those burdened by cleft lip and cleft palate. Your donation not only gave a child their smile but provided them with a chance to thrive at life.

Salmat (means thank you in the Philippines)

Chris, May 2013



Dr. College recently sponsored Children of Hope to support the children of orphanages in Kenya. Fundraising for this orphanage is something close to Dr. College’s heart being that she has personally visited the orphanage in Kenya! This event put the “fun” in “fun”draising.

October 2015


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